Entrepreneurship + Innovation // Mindfulness + Personal Development // Creativity + Ideation

I am both a brand organizer and co-visionary (aka idea whisperer). My background includes a blend of these core competencies and more, rooted in both hard and soft disciplines of business strategy and personal development.

My work is designed to highlight how you best show up in your business, or how your business impacts your life. Way before the catchy name and tagline, pretty layout and coordinated color scheme -- there is you, the person with the idea. Who you are is your competitive advantage, and how your remain authentic is your business success. The ability to find and focus on your authentic self, get access to the information and tools you need, and take the time to implement personalized strategy, is everything you need to organize your business and brand.

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Branding can be looked at from one of two ways; personal and business. It is one of the most important aspects of any business relationship. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Whether developing your personal or business brand, begin the today process with a personalized brainstorm and information hub.

ALL the research is done for you, leaving you to do the fun part: brainstorm and bring it all together! Get Started today for $125

Website Content Audit + Resources

More than conversion, analytics and layout -- there's a business side to web design as well. Your website is the first impression your target audience makes with your business or brand. The content, placement, terminology etc. all play a role in its effective.

With this service you will receive an audit assessment with feedback, as well access to a private site of websites, tools and additional information to perform your own audits in the future. Get started today for just $79

Squarespace Web Design Consultation

Sometimes getting started is rough. You have an idea of what you want, but getting the vision "on computer" is not always easy to do. I have always built my sites myself -- so you don't have to! Opting to spend long nights researching code, saving helpful links and making mistakes. Aside from this site, I have also built Aspire Business, Sharie Lily Properties and Be Aspired.

With this design consultation, you will get  two 30 min calls, worksheets for content planning, and email support/feedback  Get started today for $150

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#thestruggle is solved

No matter how complex or straight forward your struggle may be --the root is simple.

The need to Create Balance, Develop Strategy or both, is the answer.

Regardless of what stage you are in,  Aspire Business services are designed to be customized to your exact need in this very moment. Whether you need to Create Balance, Develop Strategy or both -- your path to success is here.

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Mind Ya Business is all about taking action. Making the time to do the real work.

Your brand is not your business, your brand represents your business. It is hustling backwards to market a brand without a solid business foundation.

With guided work, activities and tools -- MYB is 100% self paced and 100% about helping you get it all together.

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