Lacking Motivation? Try Mindfulness

Starting anything new, be it a business, a workout regime or even a class -- is always exciting in the beginning. Seeing your planning come to fruition, dropping the first few pounds and learning something new is always great in the initial stages.  After awhile the excitement subsides and things become routine and redundant.  In these times it can be especially hard to find your groove and be motivated to continue to push through. A few mindful activities may be just the spark you need to refuel your fire.

4 Business + Mindfulness Lessons from Me, Your Coach

Rather than run through specific qualifications and justifications for why you need a coach, and why I am that coach (#shamlessplug)...I’m going to do you one better. Whether you're overwhelmed, in need of advice, or want to see better results -- below are the top 4 lessons I consistently share and assist my clients with working through. These lessons are ways in which I blend mindfulness with business to help my clients achieve personal success.

Learning to #ThinkThisWay

Things were affirmed for me that had not even been shared with those closest to me.  The very same “little things” that recently tried to resurface, were again silenced and dismissed.  #ThinkThisWay reminded me what it looks and feels like to not be alone.  The negative self talk that can find its way into my day -- I am not the only one who deals with it. In a room full of very different woman, from very different backgrounds -- we all shared a similar set of struggles. I was not an outsider, I belonged, I was understood and I was accepted. The secrets shared only between myself and God, the ones I sometimes felt like went unheard -- He heard, He cared...and in His time (today!), He answered.