#ThinkThisWay by Moredinary + Certified 10 reminded me of a very important life lesson (and business too) that I often forget the power of -- I am not alone.

I am not alone in my struggles as a woman, a creative...a human being, and I am not along in my faith.

The past few weeks have been full of restlessness and busy schedules, making me feel overwhelmed and honestly anxious.  Sometimes I can lose the synchronicity between mindfulness + life (business, school, work) leaving me a bit off and out of it.  My schedule gets the best of me and before I know it "little things" I thought I had handled, creep back into my consciousness and start bothering me all over again.  I question whether I am able, worthy, or even competent.  I spiral downward wondering what is the point, and belittle every last action and thought. Distractions, insecurities, negative thinking...whatever, it’s there. This has pretty much been my pattern as of late and it’s left me frustrated -- because I just do not have time for it.  I did not have time for red bull + pity parties, while binge watching gossip girl.  Still, there I was doing it anyway…and being negative with myself, about anything and everything.

Enter #ThinkThisWay.  Roconia and Yetti were so on time from start to finish, more than I think they are even aware.  Sharing who we really are vs. what people see -- re-framing our negative thoughts -- affirming our positive truths -- “killing” each other with kindness. This was the type of intervention I needed. The event did enough to expose the negativity we feed ourselves, yet offset it with positivity, self acceptance and most importantly self love.  

Things were affirmed for me that had not even been shared with those closest to me.  The very same “little things” that recently tried to resurface, were again silenced and dismissed.  #ThinkThisWay reminded me what it looks and feels like to not be alone.  The negative self talk that can find its way into my day -- I am not the only one who deals with it. In a room full of very different women, from very different backgrounds -- we all shared a similar set of struggles. I was not an outsider, I belonged, I was understood and I was accepted. The secrets shared only between myself and God, the ones I sometimes felt like went unheard -- He heard, He cared...and in His time (today!), He answered.  

Every once in awhile we need a reminder of what matters, and a space to recharge from the wear and tear of day to day life. #ThinkThisWay gave me a safe space for that and more importantly, a group of women for support.  This is the beginning of many more events, and safe spaces for healing and connecting. For more events, and to learn about the amazing organizers, Roconia and Yetti, follow the links below.



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