There is article after article out there telling you all the reasons you need to hire a coach. Be it for business or mindfulness, the bottom line is sometimes you need good help. Often times, we do not know, what we do not know -- and for that there are a few key signs to help see you need help.

There a few common signs that mean you would benefit from a coach:

  • You are overwhelmed and are unsure of the solution. In the moment it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. An expert can help get you unstuck and back on track.

  • You need a confidant to talk about your business with; Someone who is not a peer, and is truly invested in your success. My success is literally rooted in your success.

  • You know what to do -- but need help acting on it. Like me and math, I get it -- but I also need a calculator to do almost most anything (I know my limitations in life lol).

  • You aren't getting the results you want, and don’t know what to do. Perfectly normal, sometimes you need a trained eye to come in and lend their expertise, help you navigate the roadblock and carry on.

  • You want to save time and money. Yes you heard me, hire a coach when you want to save money. Mistakes in business are costly period point blank. The best way to avoid them is to enlist help early on.

Rather than run through specific qualifications and justifications for why you need a coach, and why I am that coach (#shamlessplug)...I’m going to do you one better. Whether you're overwhelmed, in need of advice, or want to see better results -- below are the top 4 lessons I consistently share and assist my clients with working through. These lessons are ways in which I blend mindfulness with business to help my clients achieve personal success.


Self-care always comes first

You know the drill. When something is new, its exciting. Similar to when you hear a new song you love -- you play it to death. Then one day, it’s not the same anymore. It doesn’t give you the same feelings and the thrill is gone.

The same pattern happens in business, you are so excited about clients and making money -- you spend all your time tweaking the website, obsessing over analytics etc. It’s easy to put the success of your business before taking care of yourself.

Create and commit yourself to implementing a self-care plan and stick to it. Despite your sheer excitement of your endeavor, product launch or collaboration -- remember to keep balance. Nobody wants to work with exhausted, out-of-balance you; they want the thriving, healthy boundaries, got your ish together, you.


Passion doesn’t equal clients -- but strategic action does

Your passion is what fuels you, it’s what drove you to create your business in your first place.  It fueled your creative energy and lead you. I was beyond excited when I completed my LLC paperwork and was in the courthouse filling for my DBA’s.

Little did I realize, simply having a business license, domain name and a well researched business product -- doesn’t produce clients. Contrary to popular belief; just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. As great as your business is, the truth is -- the next steps are hard work.

Mindfulness can help the process, but it takes a concentrated effort. The steps after “legitimizing” your business should all be laid out in your strategy. This is where many businesses get lost in the sauce. Embarking on poorly planned out marketing plans, mimicking competitors copy -- all in all, just plain hustling backwards. You are what makes your business unique, mindfully blending you with your business, while executing a carefully crafted strategy is your personal plan for gaining clients.


There is no such thing as failure

Simply put if success is the desired outcome, failure is the undesired outcome. I’m not negating that you may have in fact, taken a “fall”, lost a client, missed a deadline, or no one shows up to your event. Those things are real and in real time may feel like failure.

Failure is a matter of perspective, a learning opportunity. The lessons you take from these experiences are what determine your future success. They allow you to focus; they facilitate a lean approach to business. Without these undesired outcomes, you cannot learn. Business is about building, measuring and learning -- “failures” help you see if you need to pivot, shifting and molding the business you desire.


Your business is yours - don’t ruin it by trying to be like someone else

No one is you and that is your power. At the end of the day, that is your true competitive advantage. Sometimes to protect your ideas and your creative energy, you need blinders. Resist the urge to consume, and give yourself be. Your vision is yours, and yours alone -- as your business. The uniqueness you bring is diluted the more you try to fashion yourself like what you see. You won’t see you anywhere outside of your business -- so stop trying to compare.