Residing in the great state of VA, but identifying more with my southern roots and my bay area place of birth, and mommy to my yorkie "puppy", Prince.

About the Blog

I'm a creator at heart and a lover of all things dope.  My passion, and my charge is to help and serve others. 

This site and blog is a space to highlight these things in a more personal manner. I blog formally about business on aspire business, but here you will find way more sass, a few doses bluntness and maybe a colorful word or two -- because that's me.

Way back in the beginning, at the dawn of time before blogger was owned by Google, before people angled to be influencers -- blogging was an authentic space. Before readership equated to ad space sales, people read blogs to connect, to be heard, to write unfiltered stories, to livejournal, to xanga...those were the good ol days. I blogged for me, to think out loud, to express myself and to make a space where I could show up as me.

Now we have overly posed photos (I suck at that) and perfectly scripted posts, with well planned out SEO and ideal character lengths to boot.

That's not this space. Sorry not sorry.

I'm taking it back old school. You can learn from me and grow with me here on a personal level. You can work with me on a professional level in my other space(s).  But this space right here...is all about the A behind all things Aspire, Ashley Sharie.


About 'the' Woman

I'm a creator at heart and a lover of all things dope.  My passion, and my charge is to help and serve others. 

On a better day (I truly try to have only good days) I begin with sun salutations to Oddisee Radio, meditate to the tunes of Gramatik and conclude by journaling my intentions to Young Jeezy...all while sipping green tea, sometimes with splash of henny.

Born in CA, my parents for reasons they deem valid (..an earthquake?) moved cross country to VA. Right outside of DC subbing it up in the burbs. Everything has been relatively cookie cutter from the outside looking in, a quintessential suburban life experience.  BS in Business Administration, MA in Social Entrepreneurship, a federal government career dating back to 2006. From captain to coach at my former high school -- I've pretty much created a life with pretty titles, accomplishments and a few features.

Beneath the surface, my life is far more colorful, my friendships, my interests, my self expression, and at present my current path. I can be loud and extroverted yet also quiet and need my space. I'm most alive near a beautiful body of water with a book, and most terrified when public speaking. I love people, mindfulness, pretty things, healing and business - and you can find me doing any of these here.

1 Peter 4:10-11 (NIV) Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.