About Me

THE Ashley Sharie

I'm a creator at heart and a lover of all things dope.  My passion, and my charge is to help and serve others. 

On a better day (I truly try to have only good days) I begin with sun salutations to Oddisee Radio, meditate to the tunes of Gramatik and conclude by journaling my intentions to Young Jeezy...all while sipping green tea, sometimes with splash of henny.

In my mind: my mama is Tracee, my auntie is Erykah, my sister is Rihanna and my bestie...Solange.  My real tribe though, is equally as epic...but you knew that.

My Why

What do I want? Freedom and a space to fulfill my purpose and express myself creatively. I want to be at peace while in action, making power moves and feeling boss — ALL THE TIME. So I am.

My education, my passion, my everything is rooted in business and personal development -- having a true understanding of the self.  Mindfulness. Knowing what serves you, so you can know how you fulfill your purpose.  Highlighting strategy, quantifying sustainability and honoring who you are.  

Illuminate. Create. Curate.

 I come from the space of the intersection of mindfulness and business.  I implore entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, fellow change agents and all else to take a holistic look at their life.  What you sow into your life, business and cause, is what you get out of it.  Lack of awareness in any regard, will hinder one's ability to define, create and live out the life and/or business they desire. While I do encourage all to set goals and kill them; in my work I make sure they come from a place first of mindfulness and awareness.

My talent is this space.

What I Do

Where business meets mindfulness. Helping you define, create and execute sustainable strategy for your business with a mindful perspective.

Be.Aspired was created to help support organizational sustainability by focusing on an organizations most important assets -- it's people.

As a believer and follower my instructions are straightforward. My gifts are not for me they are for you. 1 Peter 4:10-11 (NIV) Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

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